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  1. Transition Management: Whether you’re using pharmacy services for the first time or transitioning from another pharmacy, we will assign an Account Manager who will work closely with you and your staff to ensure a smooth and seamless transition. Your Account Manager will visit your site, meet the individuals they will be working with, and generate an in-depth understanding of your facility’s unique needs.
    Insurance Contracts: Star Pharmacy is contracted with most major insurance plans.
  2. Statewide Delivery, including 24/7 pharmacy support available to all communities we serve.
  3. Introductory Call for New Residents: When a new resident is added to our service, they or their responsible party will receive a call from us which they are:
    • Introduced to our company
    • Provided contact information for any pharmacy-related questions
    • Provided a detailed explanation of our invoice

This proactive approach reduces the chance of your receiving phone calls regarding medication or billing questions.

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